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Firm attorneys and Associated Attorneys work as a team until the case is successfully concluded. Firm Attorneys coordinate the activities on all files and keep status information current in the Firm's data base, so that adjuster can access the Firm's database ad obtain current status information and activity on the file at any time. Also, as necessary, regular and open telephone communications on all aspects of the case occur between Firm Team Attorneys and company representatives from case assignment to closure.

Access to Firm's Database. When the new file information is first sent via the Website to Kemp, Lydick, the Client will automatically receive by email an acknowledgement that Kemp Lydick has received the file information. The Client will also be given an access code which will enable the Client to access the Firm's database in order to view pertinent status information regarding file. This system allows the Adjuster access to current and pertinent status information about the case, simply by logging into The system is highly protected and only those with access codes for the particular file will be able to get such information about that file.

This process will alleviate the necessity of the adjuster's sending out routine letters requesting a current status on the file. Instead, the adjuster can simply access Kemp Lydick's database with the access code for the file and get an updated status on the file at any time without asking for a written status. The intent of this process is to alleviate the time associated with having to write and answer status letters and will enable the adjuster to immediately obtain current information on file activities whenever such information is needed.

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