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Fees and Expenses

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Fees and Expenses.

Contingency Fees. Kemp Lydick concentrates on contingent fee subrogation litigation. Since the Firm primarily gets paid only when a recovery is made, Kemp Lydick must work so that its goals and the Client’s goals are met with the highest recovery, in the shortest feasible time, at the lowest cost. The Firm is prepared to handle all property subrogation on a contingency fee basis, including reimbursement of reasonable and customary expenses. The general contingency fee is 33 1/3% of the gross recovery after suit is filed and 25% of the gross recovery prior to suit being filed. The fee agreement can be modified if a significant volume of files are received from a client.

Expenses. The Firm expects to be reimbursed by the Client for all customary and reasonable out-of-pocket expenses associated with handling the specific file. These types of expenses include, for example, court fees, filing fees, fees for service of process, summons and subpoenas, locator fees, asset reports, police or fire reports, photographs, court reporters, investigation expenses, expert fees, copying charges (excluding internal copies between Firm Team Attorneys), long distance telephone charges (except those internally between Firm Team Attorneys), delivery and postage costs (excluding postage internally between Firm Team Attorneys), trial exhibits and related trial costs, and attorney's reasonable and necessary travel and mileage expenses in investigating and litigating the claim. The firm will obtain prior approval from the Client prior to expending any amounts over $50.00 and will not bill the client for reimbursement of expenses until such time as the expenses owed this firm on a specific file exceeds $300.00, or bi-monthly, whichever comes first.

Fees and Expenses in Automobile Subrogation Files. Kemp Lydick requires an expense advance of $300.00 when any automobile file is accepted by the Firm. This expense advance is non-refundable and will be used to pay customary costs associated with the case, such as filing fees, service fees, long distance phone calls, copy costs, postage and other general expenses associated with the file. The Client will not be asked to pay other expenses, unless extraordinary expenses are required, such as deposition costs, expert fees, travel costs outside a 60 mile radius of Dallas, locate or asset searches, or costs associated with the collection of any judgment received in the case. Any extraordinary cost will be discussed with The Client before same is incurred. The same contingency fees discussed above are applicable in Automobile cases.
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